SGA extends pointless rant about sea eagles

Last week the SGA wrote to the Scottish Government about the threat of sea eagles eating children. The Scottish Government effectively told them to sod off, although not using those exact words, of course. The letter (or at least the snippets that we were privy to) caused astonishment around the world – a common response was, “What’s wrong with these people?” 

However, not to be deterred, the SGA is still pursuing answers to its earlier questions. In an ill-disguised attack on the RSPB, Bert Burnett switches from the ‘eagle might eat child’ approach (although he doesn’t discount it entirely), and instead focuses on what he calls the “considerable direct damage being done to farmed stock by these eagles“. What considerable direct damage?, you may ask. It’d be a good question. Claims of this nature have been made before, notably by sheep farmers on the west coast (see here). However, several scientific studies later, the evidence demonstrated that sea eagles have a ‘minimal impact’ on lamb survival (see here), although when the results didn’t go their way then the crofters claimed the study was rigged (see here and here). Has Bert Burnett got new evidence to back up his claim of ‘considerable direct damage’? If he has, he needs to share it. Put up or shut up, Bert.

Bert’s latest rant is accompanied by two emails from some random individuals. I’m not sure why they were included. I wish he’d shared the following message, which was posted on the SGA Facebook page in response to their ‘eagle could eat baby’ story:

If a sea eagle introduced by the RSPB carried off and ate a human baby, would the RSPB be guilty of murder? I think so.” Priceless.

To read the SGA’s latest rant about sea eagles, click here.

6 thoughts on “SGA extends pointless rant about sea eagles”

  1. “If a sea eagle introduced by the RSPB carried off and ate a human baby, would the RSPB be guilty of murder? I think so.” Priceless.

    The author of that clearly does not have much to contribute to the human gene pool.

  2. No doubt in the minds of the less than halfwits that support this arrant nonsense from the SGA believe that the thousands of WTE throughout northern and eastern Europe carry off hundreds of children each year and indeed take so much livestock those who survive are children left bereft of food and either starve or become illegal immigrants elsewhere. Of course the reason we don’t see this on our Tv screens or readit in the papers is because of a dreadful conspiracy led by SNH and RSPB! In other words their concerns are Bollocks, its because eagles sometimes eat game birds that they really want rid of them.

  3. Just a quick look at the above article and you have to wonder just how far out of touch from reality these people really are. At a time when Government and Councils are being forced to make their biggest cutbacks for decades, this Gamekeepers union is calling for public money to be spent to fund an inquiry into formulating an “exit strategy”! in case future generations of White tailed Eagles start to mistake Babies for Carrion, Fish or Ducks.

  4. Bert Burnett is quoted in the original press release as saying, “west coast eagles are not causing a problem.”

    He seems to have changed his mind, also a few years back on the old SGA forum, one of the comittee members said that the SGA did NOT give comment during the tayide WTE consultation, when asked by SNH.

    As someone associated with the current story feature at Reamony, I’m embarrassed by these SGA rants, I’m sure BASC will have made a few new members this week!

    1. John, as far as I am aware bert has never been pro sea eagle re-introduction, may I ask how your are associated with Remony(please take note of the appropriate spelling of the estate name) I have an extensive knowledge of this area, also i believe most of the BASC membership are there for insurance purposes, unlike professional SGA members who have a genuine knowledge and understanding of the countryside.

  5. Grouse Man, firstly sorry for the mis spelling and secondly, it’s none of your business as to what my association with Remony is, what is your real name?

    I did not say that Bert was pro WTE, I only quoted him, in saying he had claimed that WTE were not a problem on the West Coast, something I’m sure the SGA membership over here largely disagrees with as well as many crofters. BASC members are a little more savvy than you think and partake in many membership events, obviously SGA having a cheap insurance deal has nothing to do with recruiting or stealing BASC members! In fact a few years ago at Scone Gamefair they had a sign saying £30 cheaper than BASC.

    On the SGA forum a few years back, WTE were being discussed, I clearly remember that the SGA did NOT reply to the public consultation. As so called Wildlife Professionals and Experts in this field they would have been wise to allert SNH of the iminent danger facing the children of Fife !!!!!!

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