SGA turns up the hysteria on sea eagles

A couple of weeks ago a clergyman in Perthshire reported being ‘attacked’ by one of the recently reintroduced sea eagles – his story received widespread coverage in the national press (eg see here, here, and perhaps the best one here, where the clergyman hints that sea eagles could attack and kill a baby in a pram!).

Today, the Scottish Gamekeeper’s Association has joined in with the hysteria and says it has called for a public enquiry into the impact of reintroduced species (see here). The SGA has apparently written to the Scottish Environment Minister, and asked: “Will these very large creatures differentiate between a small child and more natural quarry?” – see BBC news article here.

Wow. This sort of propaganda was common about 100 years ago when people didn’t know any better. Is it any wonder that raptors continue to be illegally poisoned and shot in this country when the industry figureheads are still spouting this nonsense?

What next? A call for licences to ‘manage’ [kill] sea eagles?

2 thoughts on “SGA turns up the hysteria on sea eagles”

  1. Yes, and I suppose that they will be calling for retrictions on the release of phesants which every year damage wildlife, carry infectious diseases, cause road accidents and damage to cars to the value of 10’s of thousands….hmmmm …tumbleweed.

  2. I have noticed recently that politicians are again going on about poor educational attainment of an under class, at least here in England. Reading this nonesense about sea eagles makes me wonder if this apparently ill educated underclass have all found employment as keepers or their spokespersons and possibly the odd minister of the church! Sadly it is all too predicable and yes rubbish, but it continues to set a tone which many give some credence to and thus it is nonetheless dangerous crap.

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