Golden eagle found poisoned on North Glenbuchat Estate, Aberdeenshire

An investigation is underway after the discovery of a dead golden eagle found poisoned on the North Glenbuchat Estate in Aberdeenshire. The young eagle, being tracked by satellite, was found dead on 29 March. Tests have confirmed the eagle had been poisoned by Carbofuran. Grampian Police raided the estate yesterday and items have been removed for forensic testing but nobody has been charged as yet. Well done to Grampian Police for publicising this incident.

 BBC news story here:

This is not the first time that North Glenbuchat Estate has been at the centre of a wildlife crime investigation. In July 2006, the head gamekeeper at North Glenbuchat was convicted of three offences: killing a wild bird, possession of birds’ eggs, and possession of a proscribed pesticide under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981. The head keeper, who had been employed at the estate for 30 years, was fined £850 (see here).

So, here we go again. Another year, another golden eagle found poisoned on a Scottish sporting estate, despite the rhetoric of the SRPBA and the SGA that this is a ‘rare’ event and they’re doing their best to put a stop to it. These continuing persecution incidents are nothing short of bloody outrageous.

8 thoughts on “Golden eagle found poisoned on North Glenbuchat Estate, Aberdeenshire”

  1. No doubt we will be subjected to the usual denials and dark hints of planting of poison and poison victims – pretty difficult to uphold at the best of times but surely impossible when a bird has been tracked on a daily basis?

    The difference between the reality of widespread poisoning [known only to those criminals in the keepering world] and the cynical and/or naive utterances of the shooting “industry” is never clearer than after an incident like this.

    Always remember these reports are just the ones which get found – this time because of satellite tracking.

    Best of luck to the investigators…this time the poison will be well hidden.

  2. I am pro all country sports, and take part actively in game shooting etc., however, incidents like this, if its found that the bird was deliberately poisoned, serve only to damage the good reputation of the majority of shooting estates. Perhaps this is a regular issue north of the border, but in england I know a number of estates, both large and small, and the keepers know more about conservation than most ‘greens’, and actively promote and act to protect wildlife.

    Old school attitudes to keepering (like this appears to be) has no place in the modern countryside, Im one shooter who is appaled and hope any culprits loose their place in the sport, and that it doesnt create knee jerk reactions which spoil sport for the rest of us. The vast majority of country sports enthusiasts and keepers are good people not criminals.

  3. Yet another estate run by XXX Xxxx Xxxxxx, ie XXX Xxxxxxx Estate Golden Eagle Xxxx, say no more…

    Note from editor: Red, thanks for your post. You’ll need to provide us with documentary evidence of your claim before we can publish your comment in full. Sorry about that but we want to make sure the information posted on this website is accurate. You can either email us privately or post a reply here.

  4. Any thoughts on how many more poisoned raptors have to be reported before the politicians accept that the shooting industry is incapable of voluntary self-regulation?

  5. Andrew….”Perhaps this is a regular issue north of the border”…yes it is but its also a regular issue south of the Border…including Wales…

    This is widespread lawbreaking amongst the shooting community – closely allied of course to calls for legalised killing of raptors and other predators.Of course no one would say that the whole of the shooting community is implicit in such crimes but all too often there is a “hiding your head in the sand” reaction from the reasonable and legit side of shooting.

    Some very hard talk needs to be seen within your community – convicted wildlife killers should automatically be barred from any further employment in shooting and shunned by their peers. That is not happening at present, which is one reason that non shooting conservationists distrust the whole shooting establishment.Too much cerdibility is given to the lies about planting of evidence or sharp practice by the RSPB and other agencies…these are the obvious desperate red herrings of criminals who have been caught out.

  6. Until an Estate owner gets say about 6 months in jail, not a fine, the killing will go on and on. Once an owner gets jailed, thats when the killing will stop and not before. Seems an example has to be made by jailing somebody before the shooting “industry” will change there ways. Fines are laughed at by estate owners, most of them can afford a few paltry fines now and again.

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