gamekeeper claims poisoned red kite was “planted”

poisoned red kite

An un-named gamekeeper from the estate in Tayside where a poisoned red kite was found in July 2010 has denied all involvement and claims the dead bird was “planted“.

The self-proclaimed SGA member said: “There is something funny about this and I think someone else has killed this bird and planted it on my estate. Why they have done that, I don’t know“.  This view will come as no surprise to the regular readers of this blog – it is the standard line that is heard so often from the SGA.

He went on: “Anybody who does this should be jailed because it’s not on and I have never done anything like this in my life“.

Interesting that over the last 15 years, the following have all been found dead, confirmed poisoned, on this estate: 9 buzzards, 2 sparrowhawks, 2 crows, 1 gull, 1 tawny owl, 1 pole cat, 1 domestic cat, and now 1 red kite. In addition, 12 poisoned baits have been discovered there (see blog post Aug 27 2010). Whoever is doing the “planting” is managing to maintain a long-term campaign of illegal killing.

Full article about the un-named gamekeeper in The Courier here:

3 thoughts on “gamekeeper claims poisoned red kite was “planted””

  1. Nothing remotely “funny” about it…on any level…

    Does this idiot really think theyre are people poisoning kites…and then dumping them on his ground??!

    Why would anyone do that?…

  2. I came across what sounds like the same extremely agressive gamekeeper on Friday 14 April.
    He was extremely agressive, wanted to know who I was with; Called me a liar several times and accused me of plantng carcasses for the RSPB. I consider this person dangerous – I would not turn my back to him. He refused to listen to me or explain further – I was unaware of the history of the estate. I was only there to ‘bag’ the Corbett. In 40 years hillwalking I have never met anyone so single-mindedly agressive.

  3. Bob,
    If I were you I would report this incident to the police.
    This keeper was obviously breaking the law in his actions but more importantly he will be the holder of firearm and shotgun certificates. As a holder of these certificates the Chief Constable of the issuing force should be satisfied that the holder is fit to hold such weapons.
    It sounds very much like the police should be made aware of his behaviour.

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