Tayside police investigate after dead red kite confirmed poisoned

Poisoned red kite

Tayside police have launched an investigation after yet another incident of illegal raptor poisoning. A red kite was found dead in the Strathtay area (near Aberfeldy, Perthshire) at the end of July, and government toxicology reports have confirmed the kite was poisoned.

According to Tayside police, 5 buzzards and a tawny owl met with the same fate in the same area last year. In addition, 9 buzzards, 2 sparrowhawks, 2 crows, 1 gull, 1 tawny owl, 1 pole cat and 1 domestic cat have also been found poisoned in the same region over the last 15 years.

According to the Scottish Raptor Study Groups website, a total of 12 poisoned baits have also been recovered from the same estate where the red kite was found dead.

Tayside Police’s Wildlife Crime Officer Alan Stewart had the following insight:

There is no doubt that the scourge of poisoning wildlife in Scotland has decreased in general terms in recent years. However, there remain a number of ‘hotspots’ that blight our civilisation and our reputation worldwide“.

Alan Stewart

It’s an interesting perspective from someone closely involved with the PAW Scotland group and who really should know better. Has he not read the latest figures that were only published in August this year that demonstrate an increase in illegal wildlife poisoning events? The only thing that has decreased in recent years is probably Tayside Police’s track record of successful prosecutions for raptor persecution incidents.

It’s also interesting to note that once again, the name of the estate involved has not been made public, even though poisoned baits have been found there. There are a number of sporting estates in this area, and it could be any one of the following:

Finynate Estate, Innerwick Estate, Edradynate Estate, Glen Lyon Estate, Chesthill Estate, Remony Estate.

Or may be it’s another estate? Who knows. That’s reassuring for those of you who live in the area, whose children play in the area, whose pets walk in the area, and also for you visitors who come to our countryside to enjoy it, not to find dead raptors or have your dog/child poisoned while out on your holidays.

BBC news story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-11098865

Scottish Raptor Study Groups website: http://www.scottishraptorgroups.org/news.php

3 thoughts on “Tayside police investigate after dead red kite confirmed poisoned”

  1. When oh when will the police get there act together and catch somebody. As it stands just now they are a laughing stock and it’s the estates that are laughing. When by some miracle they do catch a keeper or underling keeper the sentence given out is a complete joke, but then that should not be a surprise as a lot of police and Judges etc take part in shooting (sports). (Oops big brother may be watching). Maybe someday I will be proved wrong in saying this and an Estate owner will be jailed for a considerable period of time for this wildlife crime. I live in hope.
    Great to hear some good news re Glen Tanar estates, it shows that with a bit of thought birds and shooting can live together. “Well done to them.” More tourists will come to see the birds of prey and the estate will get more business through accommodation etc. So everybody gains, makes sense to me. I wish more estates would do the same.

  2. Hasn’t anybody got it yet! The Estates are owned and run by peers of the realm and other highly influential individuals with the ability to pull strings in extremely high circles, no wonder the police are innefective, they’ve had their wings clipped. Remember most of these so-called sporting estates hold host to many of our Members of Parliament, MSP’s, Judges, Magistrates, Sheriffs and yes, Chief Constables. What other branch of our society would tolerate the rampant abuse of our legal system to further it’s own ends. They are determined that nothing is going to change the way of life they have been accustomed to regardless of the cost to wildlife, many of which wouldn’t be endangered if it weren’t for them. In their eyes the wildlife laws are just obstacles to be overcome by a word in the right ear, these outdated Victorian atitudes must be changed, unfortunately the majority of the positions in our political and legal system where these changes could be brought about are already held by the very people who are the main problem, it will not be easy even if it were possible.


  3. Yes…many of us have “got it”…

    So…how to change it?…the link between the legal and political systems needs broken…

    When you have politicians in power who were once QCs – quite a common route, you can see that they are unlikely to rock the boat containing their previous [and perhaps future!!] employers…so avoid those if you can…

    The real key is in the press and media….there are no independent investigative journalists out there…we did far better in getting the truth out twenty years ago…

    Stand up any journalist who isnt cowed by politically compromised editors….stand up any newspaper, local or national that isnt scared of QCs and wealthy landowners…

    What a country….we pretend to be the seat of democracy…and have the gall to criticise the “Third World”!!!

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