Gamekeeper convicted for dead peregrine on Glenfiddich and Cabrach Estate

Peregrine Falcon

According to a report in the Scotland on Sunday newspaper, raids on the Glenfiddich & Cabrach Estate in NE Scotland in February and March 1998 revealed widespread poisoning across the 41,500-acre estate owned by London property tycoon, Christopher Moran. Ten rabbits, six pigeons, six grouse and two hares were reportedly laced with the lethal pesticide Carbofuran and left out on the hill. Three illegal pole traps and an owl whose legs had been smashed by a trap were also reportedly found, along with a dead peregrine inside an estate landrover. Tests revealed the peregrine had been poisoned with carbofuran.

The head gamekeeper was convicted at Elgin Sheriff Court in October 1998 and fined £700.

The estate is owned by multi-millionaire Christopher Moran, a businessman with an interesting past: see here and here.

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