‘It’s time to end burning on grouse moors’

The focus remains firmly on the deliberate burning of our uplands with yet another article discussing the environmental damage caused.

This time it’s an opinion piece written by Max Wiszniewski, the Campaign Manager for REVIVE, the coalition for grouse moor reform in Scotland. The article has been published by UK Climbing.

[Muirburn on a Scottish grouse moor, photo by REVIVE]

While the public are implored not to start wildfires, the practise of burning heather for grouse moor management takes place on a huge scale, and is often carried out on peat bogs, a vital carbon store. Ending ‘muirburn’ could boost both biodiversity and the fight against climate change, say environmental campaigners. As Scotland prepares to host the UN Climate Change Conference, it’s time to set an example, says Max Wiszniewski of REVIVE, the coalition for grouse moor reform’.

To read the full article on the UKC website please click here

If you’d like to support REVIVE’s vision for grouse moor reform in Scotland, please consider signing up here

4 thoughts on “‘It’s time to end burning on grouse moors’”

  1. I have signed as requested.

    This really is an uphill struggle. As we all are well aware the Sc. Gov. Cabinet Secretary, Fergus Ewing, is 100% in favour or muirburn (“I’ts essential that we carry on with muirburn”).

    The Cabinet Secretary is responsible for:-
    • agriculture and crofting
    • fisheries and aquaculture
    • food and drink
    • Highlands & Islands Enterprise
    • South of Scotland Enterprise Agency
    • Rural Scotland
    • animal health
    • forestry
    • tourism

    All that is one very hefty load of responsibilities.
    For an MSP to hold the position of Cabinet Secretary and be trusted to manage such an important range of subjects he has to have unchallenged reinforcement from an overwhelming number of Ministers and Cabinet members.

    Fergus Ewing’s support for muirburn has not been challenged by the Cabinet. Therefore, it is obvious that the wildlife crime and land abuse problems we face will not be addressed by the current Sc. Gov. because they have opted to lend their support to the wrong side whilst trying to paint a picture of doing the opposite.

  2. Indeed a hefty load of resonsibilities – or perhaps too much power for any one person, especially one who has some very strange ideas about what is right for Scotland and the environment.

  3. PS I too have signed and regret the fact that I can’t edit my previous post – please forgive typo – should have written responsibilities !

  4. By all means ban burning, but then watch as the cases of discarded barbecues rise exponentially. Off course the gamekeepers would have nothing to to do with that sort of thing, illegal activities that benefit their work? Move along nothing to see here, just more townies trashing the countryside etc…

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