Wild Justice petition to ban badger shooting passes 100,000 signatures

In September Wild Justice launched a new e-petition calling on Natural England to ban the shooting of badgers as part of DEFRA’s badger cull.

Over the weekend the petition passed 100,000 signatures, the amount needed to trigger a debate at Westminster Hall.

Many thanks to the blog readers who supported this petition – it’s off-topic, I know, but there have to be perks to writing this blog and besides, it gives the blog’s detractors something else to whine about.

The petition is still open until 24th March 2021 so if you’d like to support it you can sign here

Further info about the petition and what happens next can be found on the Wild Justice blog here

8 thoughts on “Wild Justice petition to ban badger shooting passes 100,000 signatures”

  1. It’s excellent news and combined with WJ’s still unresolved JR about badger killing, it keeps the pressure on.

    1. The link above goes via FB to a survey monkey page, a more direct route is possible. Perhaps someone would post the Survey Monkey page address? I can’t get back there, having answered the survey. Thanks.

      1. Sorry it seems that it is set up for one response per ip so I cant get back to the survey. Its a paid advert and it does not appear on the GWCT home page. if anyone else gets the advert, copy the link before you complete the single question survey.

          1. The loaded question asked, under a photo of Chris Packham is:-

            Is the BBC biased against the people who work in the countryside?
            “Do you think the BBC areare biased against people who work in the British countryside?” Yes or No.

            You are then taken to a begging bowl page….. clearly all in line with their charitable objectives.

            1. The cretins that pose this question should note that Mr Packham not only works, but also resides in “the British countryside”. And doubtless spends much more time there than many G”wc”T staff and supporters.

  2. Sadly, a farm in Cornwall is reported this morning to have lost a large % of its heard to BTB; the clamour for (even) more badgers to be legally ‘culled’ will be deafening. We often hear the argument that ‘There are too many’ of .whatever..badgers, foxes, BOP due to no natural predators so therefore we need to go out for a good fun day out to help out the natural balance..as hurtful as it clearly is to those with guns that would rather they stayed locked in the cupboard of course. I wondered if someone knew what the numbers of badgers and foxes would have been before our unstoppable influence/destruction on the natural world and its resultant predator extinctions, (UK), compared to the numbers killed on the road since motorised traffic was a thing. Has roadkill taken the place, in terms of numbers killed, of what would have been their predators..presumably only wolves here.

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