New energy bar producer donating profits to help tackle raptor persecution

Outdoor Provisions‘ is a new-ish company producing natural energy bars and it’s teamed up with RSPB Investigations to help raise awareness, and funds, to tackle the ongoing illegal persecution of raptors.

The company’s logo features the shape of a generic raptor and it’s selling an enamel pin badge of the same design, with 100% of the profits going to the RSPB’s Investigations Team.

The £6 badge can be ordered online here

There’s also a feature page on the company’s website which provides an overview of raptor persecution and encourages customers to look out for signs of suspected persecution crimes and how to report it (see here).

Great stuff! Please show these guys your support!


4 thoughts on “New energy bar producer donating profits to help tackle raptor persecution”

  1. “Let’s take this outside” has to be one of the best slogans ever. I can imagine Chris Packham, energy bar in hard, slugging it out (verbally of course) with the dark forces in tweed.

    1. How dare you insult my Harris tweed jacket – a friend of many years standing (even if my wife won’t allow it past the mud room). It’ll certainly see me out and will probably end up in the compost! ‘Dark forces indeed’!

  2. Fantastic. This is really inspiring. Lots more “outdoors” companies could spread the word in a similar way.
    Public awareness will tip the balance and lead us to the “End” of Raptor persecution

  3. Their website doesn’t pull any punches, passionate and well informed. Another well aimed poke!

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