Police investigating suspected muirburn in Scottish Borders

Yesterday afternoon (Friday 10 April 2020) a local ecologist in the Scottish Borders posted this on social media:

This incident has been reported to the police, who are apparently visiting today.

Let’s hope the fire wasn’t deliberately lit, just four days after muirburn was banned across Scotland.

10 thoughts on “Police investigating suspected muirburn in Scottish Borders”

  1. They will probably blame members of the public as usual, and unless police can prove otherwise, nothing will be done. However there should not be too many people out on the hills at this time, which waters down their defence a bit.

  2. you could not breath over in wigtownshire around new luce and the machars for muirburn laughable it really is

  3. Let’s hope they’ve cut the heather around the burnt area. It’d be quite difficult to blame those pesky ramblers if they’ve cut a fire break around the muirburn!

  4. I was reading the Police Scotland booklet “A Guide to Security in the Rural Environment”

    On Page 17 in the Wildlife Crime section it states:-

    “Those involved in wildlife crime are frequently involved in other rural criminality,
    and therefore should never be approached.”

    Frequently involved in other rural criminality ……….. rather helpful of the police to put that little gem into print.

  5. Lets hope this is a nice neat fire space with a flailed border to stop it spreading. Then the numpty that set it has far less wriggle room. You can imagine the conversation.
    Policeman to keeper ” this looks like a properly set muirburn fire doesn’t it.”

    Keeper to policeman ” yes officer but those animal rights sods torched an area I’d cut round but not burnt before the ban to make me look guilty”

    Police to keeper ” really, I think you set it, and its against the law”

    Keeper to policeman ” nah and you cannae prove a thing”

  6. I wish I was a fly on the wall of these estate managers offices the conversation of muir burning would probably go something like this.. ” just get it done what the …. are they going to do,send the police round, am shaking in my boots” or ” set the fires where access will be hard for the fire engines to get too” or ” their not going to tell me what to do on my land ” or ” ah …. them once it’s burnt its burnt I don’t give a …. about anyone’s health and safety”
    Put them in a mental hospital cause that’s where they belong their not right in the head.
    And is it the end of April that muir burning should stop per legislation ? I can’t see them sticking to those rules either, have those with no brain in their head ever stuck to the rules ?
    A law unto their own or unto the law they’ll own ?
    Idiots nothing but brain dead idiots.

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