Legal challenge against Hen harrier brood meddling – crowdfunder launched

Do you want to see justice for Hen harriers?

Do you oppose DEFRA’s outrageous Hen harrier brood meddling scheme?

Do you want to support a legal challenge against the brood meddling licence that Natural England has recently issued?

Here’s how you can help.


8 thoughts on “Legal challenge against Hen harrier brood meddling – crowdfunder launched”

  1. Thank you for giving me a chance to strike back against Hen Harrier persecution. I admire the dedication of those who contribute to this site, and those courageously taking on field work to deter those destroying our Birds of Prey. Without RPS we would not have such a good forum or expressing our feelings and adding more information to this serious problem. What I would like to see, is the inclusion on the List of Interests of politicians, of some conservation of our wildlife group, as a serious concern for protection of our natural environment. With the state the world environment being under severe threat, and the threat of extinction for many species, it would reveal that they are conscious and appreciative of a need to ensure Scotland/UK has an obligation to play its part in protecting biodiversity. After all, many of our human problems could be solved by a healthier environment, and it would recognise the very large public concern for the saving of endangered wildlife and habitat protection.

  2. Now it gives us a chance to have a say over this Sham of brood meddling,which is all about appeasing the driven grouse shooting interests and nothing whatsoever to do with protecting Our Hen Harriers,Thank You Mark Avery !

  3. I hope this will begin to show the depth of feeling that many now feel about the plight of our stunning birds of prey,highlighted by the near extinction of our Hen Harriers.Government,law makers and statutory bodies take notice – the tide has turned against the excesses of the driven Grouse shooting industry.

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