Police appeal for info after sparrowhawk found shot dead in East Yorkshire

Humberside Police are appealing for information after the discovery of a dead sparrowhawk ‘with injuries consistent with being shot with a shotgun’.

It is suspected to have been killed on or around 16th October 2017 near to the quarry and Boyes Lane in Keyingham, East Yorkshire.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Humberside Police on 101, quoting ref # 175 17/10/17.

3 thoughts on “Police appeal for info after sparrowhawk found shot dead in East Yorkshire”

  1. Short but very direct report just now on Look North, emphasising the importance of reporting incidents. Another sign that the word is gradually getting out. Every little helps. Keep up the pressure..

  2. Hi, sorry this is out of place but don’t know how to email direct.
    BBC gets knuckles rapped for not challenging inaccurate information in an interview with Lord Lawson

    Can this complaints procedure be used to challenge any recent unchallenged inaccuracies and certainly future ones to keep interviewers on their toes.

    1. Andrew, the BBC is a corrupt, propagandist mouthpiece for the corrupt UK government. The “impartial” organisation knows fine well what they are doing is against their supposed code of conduct, but they act like this on a daily basis, then offer their feeble apologies long after the damage has been done, and the lies has filtered through into the subconscious minds of its viewers.

      They have done so for years, and they will never change their ways – a bit like the shooting industry.

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