Three barn owls, one tawny owl & one red kite found dumped in ditch – police appeal for information

More detail has emerged about the discovery of five dead birds of prey and two magpies found in suspicious circumstances and the subject of an appeal for information yesterday by Lincolnshire Police’s Wildlife Crime Team (see here).

The five raptors are reported to be three barn owls, one tawny owl and a red kite.

Barn owl, photo by Milan Zygmunt

The police appeal for information contained very little detail yesterday – no date of discovery, no specific location and no species identification, although the dismembered wings of a barn owl could be seen in the accompanying police photograph:

Many thanks to BBC reporters Simon Hare and Paul Murphy for providing a bit more information:

If you have any information that could assist the police investigation please contact DC Aaron Flint at Lincolnshire Police, either by calling 101 and quoting incident number 22000747007 or by emailing

UPDATE 27th May 2023: Update from Lincolnshire Police on discovery of raptor body parts found in ditch (here)

15 thoughts on “Three barn owls, one tawny owl & one red kite found dumped in ditch – police appeal for information”

  1. I’d like to see whoever is responsible receive a punishment far more severe than the maximum expected by law.

  2. I hope beyond hope that the perpetrators are caught.I have just spent this afternoon watching 3 Barn owls hunting over moorland and the thought of somebody annihilating these beautiful birds has incensed and distressed me in equal measures.I suspect the Barn Owls at least were not the intended targets.The police must start seriously addressing these deadly poisoning incidents. It is totally unacceptable that poisons are routinely administered with no thought to what they may kill.

    [Ed: Thanks for your comment, Ros. Please note, the cause of death hasn’t yet been established. At the moment, all we know is that these five raptors were found ‘dumped in a ditch’]

  3. The scum that do such things have been simply emboldened by the UKs ongoing pathetic response to such crimes via the police, judicuary and policy makers

    1. It is high time this practice was stamped out totally.
      I cannot believe in this day and age that anyone could not be found and punished for any act of persecution and lets make no mistake this has been happening again and again

  4. Unfortunately, these sickening actions can only be perpetrated by persons with knowledge and experience of the environment. To discard them does however display stupidity, or are they proud of their crimes and trying to send a message?>?? I hope they are brought to account. The law will not be sufficient to punish the bastards. I hope they rot in their toxic lives.

  5. To continue to read about the disgraceful slaughter of incredible birds of prey is just so very sad, however I am furious at those idiot scum who think it’s ok to kill these magnificent birds.
    Harder punishments!!!!!
    It is really heart breaking..

  6. But still no information as to why the Police declined to provide any detailed species ID, date or location information, themselves.

    How do they think the public would be able to help? “Somewhere in Lincolnshire, at some time or another, a crime might have been committed. It involves dead birds. If the public have any information about this, please contact the investigating officer. Now… think back through your life…. “

  7. When a Hen Harrier was shot a few years, the police knew the two gun owners involved, and did nothing. Also, RSPCA didn’t push for a conviction. The protection of these magnificent creatures is so important, yet idiots like my uncle, who ran a game shoot, thinks it’s ok to shoot Buzzards…..despicable.

  8. North Kesteven Police Division really need to get their collective finger out and produce a proper press release covering all of the known facts of the case. It would also help if they could say what is being done with the remains in terms of X-rays, WIIS reference etc..

  9. What terrifying, painful, and brutal deaths these birds suffer at the hands of these so-called guardians of the countryside.

  10. Think we know who kills these birds…I am sure it is an idotic gamekeeper. There is too money in shooting. Think the industry needs to do more self-policing or face more restriction. There is no need to import birds into the country, just for use in a blood sport. This process causes our natural wildlife to be persecuted and for what…money!

    1. If it can be established on which estate the raptors were killed on, then [Ed: rest of comment deleted as libellous]

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