Dave Dick wins Donald & Jeff Watson Award for his efforts tackling raptor persecution

Many congratulations to Dave Dick who has won the Scottish Raptor Study Group‘s coveted Donald & Jeff Watson Award for his work tackling raptor persecution and supporting raptor conservation in Scotland over several decades.

[Dave collecting his award from Mark Rafferty at the SRSG annual conference last weekend]

Working for the RSPB’s Investigations Unit in Scotland between 1984-2006, Dave was involved in approximately 350 raptor persecution cases resulting in court action, participated in approx 1,000 land searches and was responsible for catching and convicting more wildlife criminals in Scotland than anyone else.

In addition to his professional role, Dave was also involved in raptor monitoring fieldwork (particularly eagles and peregrines, which he continues to this day) and along with a few others, set up the SRSG network and helped it to expand across the country.

He’s also been a huge supporter of this blog (thanks v much!).

For anyone who wants to learn more about Dave’s experience and expertise, I recommend reading his book, Wildlife Crime, published in 2012 by Whittles (see here).

Huge congratulations, Dave, and well-deserved recognition for a lifetime’s work.

22 thoughts on “Dave Dick wins Donald & Jeff Watson Award for his efforts tackling raptor persecution”

    1. A thoroughly merited award. Sincere congratulations! I have been meaning to buy your book for ages. This news has kicked me into action. Thanks for all you have done in both professional and amateur life.

  1. Didn’t recognise you – you old bugger – sincere congratulations. If anyone deserves an award you do!

  2. Very well deserved! This has prompted me to read his book (which I bought awhile ago but haven’t got around to yet).

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