The very strange world of a shooting fantasist – an update from Wild Justice

On 28th May 2021 campaign group Wild Justice published a blog about what it considered to be alleged breaches of the English General Licences, based on an article that was published in the Shooting Times in February 2021, where a bloke claimed to have gone out with his gun apparently to see whether he could shoot/kill ten species in ten hours.

A few days after publication, Wild Justice took down its blog post, temporarily.

Today, the blog post has been re-posted, in its original format – see here.

Two further blog posts on this matter have also been published by Wild Justice today, providing the reader with some updates, and these should be read in conjunction with the first blog. These two additional blogs are titled:

The Shooting Times and the General Licences (here)


A letter to the Shooting Times (here)

Here is a picture of a freezer. If you’ve read Wild Justice’s three blog posts on this matter you’ll understand the context. If you’ve been around on this blog for long enough, and read some of the far-fetched allegations made over the years about me and my colleagues supposedly perverting the course of justice by planting evidence to frame law-abiding shooting estates, you’ll probably also appreciate and enjoy the supreme irony. I know I am!

9 thoughts on “The very strange world of a shooting fantasist – an update from Wild Justice”

  1. The ST ought to be supremely embarrassed by this and their columnist also given we must assume he told the truth to the Essex police. Perhaps it will cost him his job, it ought to in any reasonable opinion. Like you the whole sorry tale has put a smile on my face, good for WJ.

  2. Oh poor things. So they can’t openly talk shite about what great shots / true countrymen they are without being very careful from the legal angle. Still, such boastful crap will be accomodated on some of the online ‘huntin n shootin’ forums, where they can rub shoulders and yarn or rant with the homeless (Fox) Huntsmen and the die-hard Terrier-Men, the Deer and Hare Coursers, the dog-fighters and the Badger baiters – basically all the people that civilised society across the board (town or country, it makes no difference) want nothing to do with.

    1. ‘Still, such boastful crap will be accomodated on some of the online ‘huntin n shootin’ forums…”

      Not just there. They also infest many birding forums… where they are tolerated by the forum owners!

    1. I’ve had many species in my freezer over the years, mostly roadkill or window strikes – waiting to get transported to the appropriate museum.

  3. Just a wee observation…. While the article was fabricated by one person…. The accompanying photo shows that his “trophies” were reviewed by at least one peer.

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