Third buzzard found shot in Essex this year

Essex Police are investigating yet another shooting of a buzzard.

Details are sketchy at the moment but the buzzard is believed to have been shot overnight between 1st and 2nd December with ‘what is believed to be a shotgun’. There isn’t any information about whether the buzzard is alive or dead.

[Common buzzard, photographer unknown]

The offence is believed to have taken place on farmland near Blind Lane, Billericay, Essex CM12 9SN.

The police crime reference number is 42/1995748/20. Please contact the police on Tel 101 if you have information that can assist this criminal investigation. Thanks to Police Wildlife Crime Officer Jed Raven for the details.

This is the third buzzard to be reported shot in Essex this year – one was found in June (see here) and another in September (see here and here). A hobby was also shot in Essex in August this year (see here).

5 thoughts on “Third buzzard found shot in Essex this year”

  1. Wildlife crime is totally out of control. I’m sick to the stomach when I hear of yet another raptor, another fox, another mammal or bird that’s been callously killed. We seem to be a nation of animal and bird haters.

    1. Too many rissoles have guns these days but its not likely anything will happen with the current government the head of which being a fox hunt supporter.

  2. Related to Alan Dickinson’s reply, as I understand it the cost of administering shotgun licences is not actually covered by the cost to the shooter (thanks to David Cameron), so perhaps we should all be writing to our MPs (again) about redressing this issue, and perhaps increase the charge in light of today’s cash strapped Treasury? Some of the revenue could recharge the Police forces and some could fund a properly staffed National Wildlife Crime Unit and a network of regional ones? Why should the general public subsidise bloodsports/wildlife crime?

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