Ban the shooting of badgers: new petition from Wild Justice

Wild Justice has just launched a new petition calling for a ban on the shooting of badgers.

[Photo by Chris Packham]

Wild Justice is taking a legal challenge against what it believes is the inhumane shooting of badgers that has been licensed as part of DEFRA’s grotesque badger cull. Permission for judicial review was recently refused but Wild Justice is appealing that decision and has been allocated a court date in October.

This petition, if widely supported, will add additional pressure on the Westminster Government to rethink its approach to tackling bovine tuberculosis.
The petition can be viewed and signed HERE
At 10,00 signatures the Government has to respond with a statement. At 100,000 signatures the issue will be considered for a debate in Westminster Hall.
The petition has only been live for about an hour and already it’s attracting a lot of support.
If you can help it on its way, please SIGN IT and SHARE IT.
Thank you

12 thoughts on “Ban the shooting of badgers: new petition from Wild Justice”

  1. There was a time when I signed these E/petitions but to be quite truthful, they are now a complete waste of time.
    Government, with C-19 and Brexit do get through will never find the time to debate in Parliament where a Court has already refused a judicial revue.

    1. I believe the Procedure Committee of the House of Commons give authority to the Petitions Committee to call debates, and where that debate will be held. 100,000 signatures is a starting point for consideration of such a debate, with 10,000 signatures requiring an official response. This petition is not about the legality of the current cull (an appeal on that may yet be upheld) but about the inhumane methods being employed.

      The Petitions Committee could take the view that Parliament should be where such matters are decided.

    2. Luckily I’m an idler at heart and I enjoy wasting my time. But signing these petitions couldn’t be made much easier, little more than 30secs I would say. If it does no more than show your solidarity with other folk who are also against this incompetent slaughter then surely you too can find that much time?

  2. Petitions have been signed, debated in Parliament and the Government roundly defeated.

    It changed nothing.

    There’s no will of the people or democracy. This evil policy has been bought and paid for by the NFU and propped up by the CA who’s members do the killing.

    The only thing to stop this is a change of Government and that’s not going to happen.

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