Jean Thorpe successfully releases rehabbed shot buzzard

For those of you not on social media who may have missed this…

Wildlife rehabilitation expert Jean Thorpe has worked her magic again and, after just under two weeks of superb care and attention, has been able to successfully release the buzzard that had been found with shotgun injuries near Shipton, North Yorkshire on 29 March 2020 (see here and here).

To see a short 13 second video of the buzzard’s release back to the wild click here (via Jean’s Facebook page but you don’t need to have a Facebook account to watch it).

[The buzzard during rehab. Photo by Jean Thorpe]

Incredibly, Jean has been on the receiving end of some vile trolling from some within the game shooting industry after news emerged that she was trying to help this latest victim. Here’s a small example:

It’s pretty disgusting but to be honest not entirely surprising. To be fair, there were others within the shooting industry who were supportive of Jean’s efforts and just as appreciative of her work as we all are.

For those still in any doubt, a vet confirmed that this buzzard had been shot and the crime has been reported to North Yorkshire Police, who are investigating. They have issued a crime number and have appealed for information (see here).

13 thoughts on “Jean Thorpe successfully releases rehabbed shot buzzard”

  1. Wonderful news and well done (again) Jean. Just ignore the vile scum and keep doing what you do – you have many peoples’ admiration and respect.

  2. Well done Jean. What you achieve is really uplifting and you will always have our full support. I know that the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks are fully supportive of your efforts as are the Wildlife Crime Police. It is just a shame that you are kept so busy.

    Keep up your good work.

  3. In these troubled times, it was so heartwarming to see that release. Thank you Jean, great result.

  4. Great news, Jean works her magic again, well done Jean, again. There are sadly many cases which don’t end as good news stories with birds having to be destroyed because they are too badly injured or of birds dying in rehab. Even Jean cannot work miracles, much as she sometimes tries.
    As to the trolls, simply by doing this they are admitting both failure and lost arguments, if they had any real intelligence they’d find something more productive to do. somebody should tell “Andrew” that speaking rectally is an unattractive trait.
    Sadly there will no doubt be more cases like this and of course many such crimes go unnoticed and unreported, the victims of which die horrible, unnecessary and totally illegal deaths. The sooner there is an end to DGS and the canned hunting of released Pheasants and RL Partridges the better. It might not completely end these crimes but sure as eggs is eggs it would significantly reduce them.

  5. Sadly, hundreds of raptors will be killed illegally during the virus lockdown.
    Many Goshawk, Peregrine and other species’ nesting attempts will also be destroyed while so many eyes are missing from the countryside.
    Only temporary – most raptors are doing very well now and we’ll be back with covert op’s once the lockdown is lifted, to help them where their not doing so well.
    Some of us are lucky enough to keep up the surveillance during the lockdown, through our work, and the evidence collected will be very useful.

    Keep up the pressure !

  6. I see he lives in my neck of the woods. After the abuse and threats I got last year for trying to stop a farmer flailing hedgerows in July, I am not at all surprised. Still, nice to see his Twitter handle, perhaps it can be made use of?
    Not that I advocate trolling. It would be a real shame if he got a dose of his own medicine.

    1. I don’t like stooping to their level but…….. Andrew says he is married – do you think it was a shotgun marriage?

  7. Well done, Jean.
    Ignore the idiot shooters who think the only good raptors are dead raptors. Kind of ironic seeing as they like nothing more than to blast other birds out of the sky!

  8. Well done Jean. Looking after wild birds is bloody difficult, this is extremely impressive. Sorry you get such stick but show’s you’re rattling them. Very good to hear that some in the shooting community have been supportive, I wouldn’t hold my breath, but if BASC, GWCT, CA, MA etc did a bit of awareness raising about your work and suggest it be supported financially then that would make a statement about their attitude to raptor persecution, of course not helping you makes a statement about that too. Cheers!

  9. This Andrew character should learn not to judge other people using his own sewer-level standards. Don’t know what he’s trying to prove. Jean’s reputation is legendary and will not be tarnished by cheap shots from such as him. There’s also a nasty hint of collusion with a person operating an X-ray machine, which is another cheap and unsubstantiated shot. Makes you wonder what his wife’s veterinarian employer would make of all this.

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