New business ‘Skydancer coffee’ set to support hen harrier conservation

A new business offering fresh speciality coffee is due to launch at the end of June on Uist, in the Western Isles.

Called ‘Skydancer’, it’s being set up by Michael and Sarah Faint and will offer an on-site service as well as deliveries.

[Photo from the West Highland Free Press]

In a recent interview for an article in the West Highland Free Press, Sarah said:

Why Skydancer? Hen harriers thrive in the Outer Hebrides, especially in the Uists. In the spring the males perform magnificent aerial displays that are called ‘skydancing’. In honour of the amazing spectacle, we have named the roastery after the Hen Harriers and in the future, we will pledge a percentage of profits to their conservation and to nominated local causes“.


It’s not yet clear whether the fresh Skydancer coffee will be available to customers beyond the Western Isles but let’s hope so.

We couldn’t find a website for the company yet (but when we do we’ll add it here) but they are on Facebook (here).

We wish them the best of luck and hope they make a stack of £££££ for hen harrier conservation.

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