Chris Packham targeted

A police investigation is underway.

Legal advice is also being taken for potential action against a number of individuals using social media to incite harassment, intimidation and violence.

84 thoughts on “Chris Packham targeted”

  1. The animal killers are an insane mob. They don’t like people having views different to theirs. The people that do things like this are sick in the head.

  2. I’d be happy to join a legal support crowdfund.

    I’m assuming you need to be cautious about comments: I hope this is ok.

  3. I suppose this sort of behaviour is sadly inevitable from the mindless folk who think that challenging the legality of the general licences gives them carte blanche to attack those of opposing views in this way. Two things come to mind other that what Chris has done in challenging organisations to condemn support it. They are thugs who should not have shotgun or firearms certificates in the first place and why do they not condemn NE for not having a legal system for all these years. Nobody is suggesting things cannot be controlled just that the system has to be legal.

    1. Some people just look for opportunities to lash out, bully and hurt. They don’t think to make sense of what they do… If they read about the case, they would understand… If they listened to R4 this am ‘FT’ or ‘Today’ they’d have heard Mark Avery give a very clear explanation of the case.. and know they’re lashing out against things that aren’t really there… Nobody deserves this sort of thing, least of all Chris who gives and does so much for Wildlife…
      Re. Earlier Post: Happy to support a legal support crowdfund, too… as am sure thousands would.

  4. ..70 years ago my grandad said .”.not everyone in this world is nice”-I was about 4 and thought “silly grandad “ 😕 and funny the words stayed!

  5. Hanging these corvids is a needless and archaic practice, although it is also known as a ‘gibbet’. I can’t be the only person who thinks there is a very sinister undertone to this threat and act of vandalism?

  6. as a child in the late 1940’s I lived on an estate where a vicious game-keeper ruled . He seemed to believe any creature he knew of deserved nothing less than extermination. The picture of the two birds on the gate brought the horror of constantly coming across his latest killings back to me. I would incur his wrath by freeing creatures from his traps if feasible,and he threatened me with his gun on several occasions. Strangely enough, he did not speak to my parents about my interference.

  7. Poor Chris Packham. These people are simply scum lacking morals and empathy. Disgusting. I hope the police actually take this very seriously.

    Of all the nature programme presenters Chris Packham stands out as a shining, bright star bravely calling out the policy makers and animal abusers and encouraging many of us, including myself, to review their lifestyles. Thank you Chris.

  8. Shame on those who have committed this vile act. This behaviour must never be tolerated. Chris Packham speaks for the vast majority of decent people who abhor hunting, shooting, and all blood ‘Sports’.

  9. It must take a special kind of stupid to do something so moronically cruel to creatures which have done nothing to you. It just goes to show the stuff Chris Packham & others have written or spoke about is true, there are way too many wildlife psychopaths (be it farners, landowners, housing devolpers or local councils) out there who just want to rid this country of it’s natural flora & fauna.

  10. one would expect that all of those groups would condemn this act publicly, and 2 of them would actually mean it

  11. I do not condone this. These mindless imbeciles have nothing else but murder on the mind. Abusing something is all they know. Something needs to be done whilst people like this walk amongst us. They aren’t stable mentally or emotionally. They are dangerous.

    It shows bullying behaviour but also that they are bothered or something has triggered this act.

    1. It’s good to hear that some middle class, toffee-nosed, mainly Tory-supporting class with their superiority complexes can be described as “mindless imbeciles.” Call me biased (!), but I don’t believe all Tories are bad people, although I would never vote for one,just that they tend to dominate the grouse shooting cult. One grouse shoot near my home used to employ, for free, boys from the local borstal to act as beaters. I think that says something about our society in general, including the arrogance of the upper classes. I must admit that the criminal youths employed as beaters seemed to enjoy themselves driving the grouse; after all it’s a day of freedom for them. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them ended up as gamekeepers.

  12. So sad for the birds, and undeserved by Chris Packham. These cruel actions will not stop the progress of laws to protect targeted animals.In fact it makes us more determined to bring these people to justice.

  13. I have been involved in wildlife enforcement for many years and have had similar intimidation including having paint stripper poured over my car which was parked outside my home.

    This incident will make you stronger and serve promote the issues you and all of us are promoting.

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

  14. What is wrong with these people. Barbaric acts do not stop millions caring about our environment and dwindling wildlife. I’m sick of governments who condone these acts by refusing to put laws in place to ban hunting and trapping.

  15. Disgraceful. There are some people who think the law doesn’t apply to them and wildlife is there as their toys. Chris does a fantastic job, he is passionate about all creatures. He does not deserve to be treated this way. The full force of the law should be brought upon the culprits

  16. The “guardians of the countryside” have struck again.
    Their message is plain and simple, as always: –
    No one will tell them what they can kill and not kill. The only law they respect is the law that allows them to kill what they want to kill and the manor in which the killing is done.
    What an outstanding fine bunch they are.

  17. Your personality is reflected in your actions. To kill for fun is wholly despicable, to do it for menacing purposes is criminal. This person/s has obvious psychopathic issues and could easily be a danger to the public. The fact that these people can own guns proves that the system of vetting is not fit for purpose. Why do we have to wait till someone gets hurt before action is taken?

  18. That is awful. So sorry that you have been targeted in this way for standing up for what you believe in. They won’t get many supporters by behaving in this way.

  19. Only shows the (very low) level that these people are working on. What a sad way to make a pretty weak point.
    Stay strong Chris – millions behind you.

  20. How long before the ” it’s a plant” defence is trotted out so often when poisoned baits , dead raptors, illegal traps and snares are found.

    Let’s see what bizarre claim the dark side will use respond. ” maybe it was the RSPB , Natural Justice or even Chris himself……….

  21. Wait till the price of your cereal goes up because the pigeons are eating it. Wait till the hedge and ground nesting birds start getting added to the endangered list because the Corvids are stealing their eggs and all the lambs you will see in the fields with no eyes or tongues because they were taken by these scavengers. Canada geese are an invasive species and should be kept in check just like grey squirrels. The general licences were there for a reason

    1. Blah blah blah…Your lot have spouted this shite for decades, and folk are wise to it now. Can’t you read properly? If so, you’d know that legitimate control can still be carried out.

    2. The General Licences were illegal. NE needs to sort out something within the law. That’s their problem. If your lot think that attacking the messenger will help their cause, they are in for a surprise.

    3. If there is a reason, then apply for an individual licence. Your logic is absurd.
      Same for the introduction of game-bird licensing. If you obey the law what is your problem.

    4. What bollocks John France. If we restored our fragmented ecosystems there would not be the imbalance that you predict. So do you condone the behaviour in that picture?

    5. “Kept in check”… not a very scientific approach.

      Same approach as ” thinned out” , “keep a balance ” ” there’s to many”

      Complete ignorance and victorian attitudes.
      Thankfully society is moving away from these attitudes.

  22. This is intimidation at the very least and should definitely be legally persued. A barring order to restrict these disturbed individuals from coming near your property seems reasonable under the circumstances. Poor birds and if they had young they will starve to death too. So much uneccessary suffering. The people who did this must be suffering too as no content soul could be so cruel. Rise above it lovely Chris you are a strong brave shining light and an inspiration to so many. For every hater there are hundreds if not thousands of people who think the work you do is amazing and so important and that only includes the people, imagine if the animals had their say. You would be covered in great big slobbery licks just imagine that whenever the haters get you down.

  23. Only surprised this didn’t happen sooner. I hope there’s a wee card up the sleeve in terms of CCTV coverage to nab the bastards. The bulk of the population has no idea what these head casesl are really like.

  24. I am outraged by this. It is terrifying and disturbing at the same time! Only extremely disturbed humans would do such a thing. I am sorry we still live in such a world! They should have the hand of law brought down on them when caught!

  25. These are corpses! How can blatant murder be anything other than a profane threat. I stand with Chris from this day til his last day. End the slaughter now.

  26. Appalling lack of respect for life and I can only imagine how terrifying it is to live under the threat of people who have shown they will kill.

  27. It shows you are winning the battle Chris. Keep fighting for the wildlife- you are doing a great job.

  28. If some of the commentary today is to be believed, Chris should have a bumper production of songbirds this spring.

  29. This is horrendous.. you’d have to be seriously disturbed to condone this. What is wrong with people

  30. Bastards. This needs to be publicised to the hilt so that the birds have not died needlessly. Poor Chris – what a thing to see! This will surely galvanise the mainstream against the nasty brigade – I reckon they are behind this atrocity.

  31. This act did not surprise me, I had quite a few insults directed at me yesterday by people who seem to be more like children in a playground name calling, rather than what one would assume were intelligent people. I had one chap call me a clown because he had sourced a photo of me in my castle uniform one refused to accept that ravens are songbirds, writing in capital letters. It is so sad, they only do things like this throw insults because they know they have no bone fide argument.

  32. I note these brave freedom fighters haven’t told us who they are or where they live. So, the fairies did it, eh ?

  33. These people have zero respect for life, human or otherwise. Shown their true colours. Not surprised at behaviour though, disgusting to the core!

  34. The Vermin who did this are from another age altogether, they still think that the countryside is still in the Victorian era and they can do what they like. Times are changing just like in the early 1930s Benny Rothman and his supporters when they climbed Kinder Scout were hit by the rich mans law and many were actually jailed. It backfired because there was huge public sympathy because of the injustice that had been dealt out and eventually National Parks were created and access allowed (grudgingly).

  35. They are sociopaths and wildlife criminals those poor Birdies that’s appalling. They have been bullying us for years time to prosecute them and hopefully get them locked up where perhaps they could get so psychological help! Goodness knows what else they do?! To animals, pets, women, children?? The links are clear :(

  36. I wonder if those responsible will openly admit to it. If they think its acceptable they should have no reason not to. But I fear that its OK to kill for the sake of if. No different to the fox hunt brigade really.

  37. What I think it’s important to remember, and you can see this if you look at the BASC facebook page, is that any tightening of laws around shooting is regarded by the shooting fraternity as dangerous as they see themselves as a minority whose rights are being slowly eroded. Shooters tend to fall into two groups, the wealthy for whom it’s about prestige, and the less well educated, aggressive type for whom it’s a demonstration of machismo. These are the types that gravitate towards becoming gamekeepers. In these circumstances, the latter group they are likely to respond aggressively at any opportunity, not realising that this is counter productive. The anti shooters, and I’m proud to be one, need to hold our nerve, operate within the law, maintain standards and eventually, we’ll win.

    1. That’s right we do need to keep within the law. The one that blinks first loses, they have just blinked big style

  38. Just proves what insane ,cruel , heartless , murderous, morons like to shoot and kill other living creatures, and call it sport, it’s a sickness, then do this to people who care about our wildlife.

  39. No words!! Unbelievable! The culprits are idiots and no words can describe how I feel about how they acted. We support you Chris! Love your work so much. The people that did this are sadistic and ignorant. Hope they are punished appropriately. This behaviour is disgusting and abhorrent. Chris you are a total inspiration and a shining light in today’s world. We are lucky to have your enthusiasm and insight and knowledge and please know some of us out there treasure it. What a terrible inexcusable shame you had to experience this and please know the majority of us sympathise.
    I heard your desert island disc report and it was the best one I ever heard, especially about when you tried to show your teacher your bird. extremely poignant.
    You are a treasure for which we are grateful.
    Love, your fan X

  40. There is no possible justification, or defence, for targeting Chris in this or any other manner.
    But, by way of probable explanation, a gamekeeper tradition is to festoon the corpses of corvids from trees, fences etc the vicinity of keeper’s camps/cabins, presumably as trophies, and proof of work done.

  41. A petition calling on the BBC to sack Chris Packham is receiving a lot of publicity. There is a counter petition opposing his sacking.

    Please show your support for Chris Packham by signing this petition calling on the BBC NOT to sack him. Thanks.

    The nasty brigade are showing their true colours. They need to be told that their dirty tricks won’t intimidate people and won’t stop the various campaigns against them.

    Chris Packham (Ruth Tingay and Mark Avery) need to know that they and their work is overwhelmingly supported.

    The BBC need to know that Chris Packham is the most adored, trusted presenter and sacking him would create a huge campaign of protest.


  42. Truth clearly hurts. Bully tactics If one dare not agree with their murderous view. Appalling behaviour.

  43. These are sick individuals. The intention to cause distress and intimidate. Perpetrators need to be caught and prosecuted. Totally unacceptable. It just shows the character of the hunting fraternity. Callous bullies that have power over people with their money and contacts and think they can do as they want. They are evil.

  44. Just goes to show the mentality of the kind of people who carry out these cruel and mindless acts. It is so easy for these cowards to target and bully people, who try and stand up to their endless violence. Especially Chris – who sticks by his beliefs and is a true – ” Voice for the Voiceless”.

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