Secretary for Werritty Review confirms prelim results will not be presented at GWCT conference

Further to last night’s blog about the GWCT’s claim that the preliminary results of the Werritty grouse moor review will be presented at a GWCT conference in March (see here), we’ve received confirmation from the Werritty Review secretary, Karen Rentoul, that GWCT does not have any prior insight to the recommendations of the group.

GWCT has since amended the information on its website.

Here’s what it said this morning:

And here’s what it says now:

GWCT also tweeted this explanation:


14 thoughts on “Secretary for Werritty Review confirms prelim results will not be presented at GWCT conference”

  1. Someone criticised me for accusing the GWCT of dabbling in pseudo-science: perhaps I should just have said “outright lies”

  2. Whether it was a ‘misunderstanding’ or an outright fib, it does seem to reflect the sense of entitlement, safe in the knowledge that they have extremely wealthy and politically influential friends in high places, that the grouse shooting industry often exhibits.

  3. Have to say, some of the other subjects are pretty concerning: rearing gamebirds (birds to shoot for fun) with reduced antibiotics. What! Antibiotic resistance which threatens us all is being perpetuated in the pursuit of more birds to shoot? That in itself is a disgrace.

    Then there’s ‘Adaptive Management Licenses’ which is newspeak for killing things that get in the way of your objectives…marsh harriers anyone?

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