Gamekeeper accused of wildlife crimes on Glenogil Estate, Angus Glens

Glenogil sign RPSCopyA Scottish gamekeeper is facing charges of wildlife crimes alleged to have taken place in the Angus Glens last year.

William Curr faces charges that he set or failed to check the snare that trapped a deer for more than 24 hours on the Glenogil Estate last year, and that he failed to remove it. It is understood the animal died.

The 22 year old, of Game Keeper’s House, Glen Trusta, will appear at Forfar Sheriff Court on 20th August where he will also face charges that he failed to keep a record of finding a deer in the snare at Glen Trusta between 26th – 29th August 2014.

It is also alleged that Curr failed to check another snare for more than 24 hours, during which time a fox became trapped and died of dehydration between September 24th-26th 2014.

Curr did not appear or make a plea to the charges when the case called at the court on Thursday.

Depute fiscal Jim Eodonable intimated the matter would continue without plea for three weeks, after a letter from solicitors Levy & McRae asked for more time to take instruction.

We’ll be following this one with interest.

Photograph by Raptor Persecution Scotland.

19 thoughts on “Gamekeeper accused of wildlife crimes on Glenogil Estate, Angus Glens”

  1. Surely not a Gamekeeper? According to the Yorkshire Post they are the unsung heroes of our countryside.

    1. And a 22 year old gamekeeper at that. We’re always being told by the SGA, that gamekeeping criminality was a preserve of those older, less educated keepers, yet here we have another incident where a young keeper (presumably not long out of “keeper school”) is alleged to have committed a suite of offences.

      So, either something is wrong with the education these people are receiving in the colleges, or everything they learn about the law is simply ignored once they get a job?

  2. Surely there’s a better newspaper headline in “22 year old gamekeeper employs Solicitors to the Rich and Famous” “Gamekeeper accused of random crimes against wildlife is defended by renowned law firm Levy and McRae”

    Presuming that your man’s not on legal aid!

    Is this perhaps the best way to head off a vicarious liability prosecution?

    The below is from the Solicitor’s website…

    Levy & McRae is one of Scotland’s leading law firms and has consistently been placed among the top 5 law firms in Scotland.

    Our clients include government organisations, law enforcements agencies, football clubs, FTSE 100 companies and many SMEs and industry organisations.

    We also act for a number of high-profile individuals who particularly benefit from our close working relationship with public relations advisors.

    Our in-house investigations unit, staffed by former senior police officers, is a unique service that Levy & McRae deploys to the benefit of our clients and is an invaluable resource.

    Yep, I can see why a 22 year old on what, £18k a year, would choose them!

    1. “Is this perhaps the best way to head off a vicarious liability prosecution?”

      Even if this case is proven, it wouldn’t lead to a VL prosecution because the (alleged) crimes are snaring offences. VL prosecution only applicable to certain offences relating to raptor persecution & poison.

      1. I didn’t know that.

        So presumably is simple a case of ‘noblesse oblige’ then, and looking after one’s staff.

        Or I’ve got it all wrong and Mr Curr is paying out of his own pocket.

        1. Now, Im not saying that its the case here..[or I would rightly get “pulled” by the administrator!]..but estates generally pay for the defence of their keepers, who know an awful lot of secrets about their bosses..couldn’t have them getting disgruntled and wandering off to talk to the press or SSPCA?

    2. He’ll be a member of the SGA who offer legal representation by the firm in question as one of the benefits of membership. They’ve acted in most of the recent high profile cases. Not sure how successful they’ve been.

  3. Frankly, Javier Espinoza deserves to have his butt kicked up and down Fleet Street. We’ll let him choose the venue though.

  4. Auchnacree is the shooting residence of the Austrian baron who owns the estate.It does beg the question that if he clears the estate of red deer and culls every Scottish mountain hare because they carry ticks that might affect his precious grouse and covers the whole estate with Fenn traps then what is the policy on raptors.The man,s got a damn cheek despoiling the landscape of Scottish wildlife.the gamekeepers drink in the Drovers,a pub/restaurant in Memus.I hope they don,t drink and try to drive home when I,m there.

        1. What was the outcome of the above court case? I know he was to appear at Forfar sheriff court but I not heard anything since.

  5. Apparently that was the 2nd hearing on the 10th…and the game keeper accused did not have to turn up to either. The alleged offences took place one year ago (September). A whole year to put this case together and twelve months on still no trial or even a plea.

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