Henry’s Tour: Day 12

Fri 9th April - Copy

Henry orders a Carbofuran-free mippit omelette with a side order of voles. He’s feeding up because he’s on his way to the badlands and doesn’t know when he’ll next find a safe meal.

After dinner his minders are taking him to the Pictures to see this new release from the Haltwhistle Film Project.

4 thoughts on “Henry’s Tour: Day 12”

  1. These posts about Henry are really very silly and do this otherwise serious and enlightening blog no favours whatsoever. I mean, you’re often quoted in the media and in periodicals such as Scenes, but that reputation and credibility will surely be compromised by these silly and uninformative pictures that really don’t have any content or substance at all. I fear an error of judgement was made in publishing them at all.

    1. Fraid I have to disagree – good bit of light hearted fun that does make a rather important point. It has made a big difference to see hen harrier persecution related to in fashion that doesn’t involve stories of missing harriers and satellite signals, trampled nestlings, pole traps, poison etc, etc. Raptor persecution is a distressing topic and has saddened me enormously for forty years – you can’t be interested in Scottish wildlife and not be simultaneously aware of how little the estates amongst others have left us and are still depriving us of. Yet I am lucky I am not a raptor worker who has to deal with collecting birds of prey lying dead from gunshot or poison, or ones maimed by pole traps, or have to have face to face dealings with the utter idiots and clowns who think one bird should be killed so some more might be available to kill purely for fun. Suspect that the ones on the coalface appreciate Henry, his message and how he is making it – will be getting to places that otherwise would not have been reached.

  2. Come on, M.J. Dorman, there do exist kids too. And they are the future. I think it´s a welcome change. And it´s SPRING: The adults can have a laugh about it too.

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