sea eagles have ‘minimum impact’ on lamb survival – new research findings

White-tailed sea eagle wrongly accused of lamb deaths

Take note, crofters and farmers – the results of the SNH-funded study to examine the effects of white-tailed sea eagles on lamb survival have just been published – less than 2% of lamb deaths in Gairloch, Wester Ross, were directly linked to the sea eagles.

The study was undertaken last year, in response to crofters’ claims that sea eagles ate 200 lambs at Gairloch. The crofters should have gone to Specsavers, and saved the taxpayer over £100,000.

The politicians considering the crofters’ latest petition to remove the legal protection of sea eagles and golden eagles so that crofters can kill them, had also better take note.

Download the full report here: B603609_WTElambstudyGairloch_2010

BBC news story here:

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